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Vimax in Pakistan. Call 03217731272

Vimax in Pakistan

Vimax Features:

    Rock Hard Erection
    Increase Stamina
    Stop premature ejaculation
    Improve overall sexual Health

Only the highest quality ingredients from around the world use in Vimax in Pakistan.
Vimax doesn't have any side effects and is safe for men of all age.

Results During Vimax use:

Week 1-4
You may notice as a significant increase in sexual desire and stamina (as showed a Vimax Team
survey with over 9000 participants)

Week 5-8
You might feel improvement in your performance and satisfaction during sexual intercourse
(80% of surveyed men report such benifits).

Week 9+
Your Erection Quality should reach its full potential by this point. your partner should also
start to feel the improvment in quality during sexual activity.

For optimal results try taking Vimax 30 minutes before intercourse.

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Caboki Hair Fiber in Pakistan. Call 03009533102

Caboki Hair Fiber in Pakistan.

 Caboki is a breakthrough product for hair loss sufferers that

Instantly eliminates bald spots or appearance of thinning hair.
Gives you a perfectly natural look. No one will know you're using Caboki
unless you tell them - even if they get a close up view, outdoor, under bright sun light.
Last all day, all night, through wind, rain and sweat.
Will not smear or stain your skin or clothing.
Works for both men and women.

Unlike ordinary products on the mass market, Caboki is a professional grade product:

Made of natural fibers from plants, safe even for sensitive scalp.
Bonds to hair more securely, does not require specially-made spray to glue fibers to your hair.
Free of animal ingredients, synthetic dyes, fillers and preservatives.
When you sprinkle Caboki into a thinning area of your hair, the fibers automatically cling to your
hair like millions of tiny magnets. Each thin wisp of your hair instantly becomes thicker
and fuller, eliminating those embarrassing thinning areas.

No more flashes of shiny scalp showing through where there should only be hair!

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Body Slimmer Machine. Call 03009533102

Body Slimmer Machine in Pakistan.

When those wonder creams aren’t working and spa treatments are
too costly, it’s best to invest in a machine Body Slimmer which does the
job for you. With blunt grid edges gently working in a pincer
motion, collagen productions increases and gradually banishes
all those cellulite that you don’t want to see ever again.
Here is what the Body Slimmer deal offers:

3D Rotating Anti-Cellulite Body Slimmer Machine
Dimension: 13.5cm (L) x 9.5cm (W) x 5cm (H)
Weight: 300g
Colour: Brown and white
Voltage: DC 12V 1A
Power consumption: 12W
Anti-cellulite control system
Tightens legs, arms, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks
Reduces cellulite and promotes firm and smooth skin
Hand-held compact body Slimmer Machine roller
Powerful motorized roller
Ergonomic design and slip-resistant material allows for easy grip
3D massage improves lymph circulation to avoid oil and toxin accumulation
2 intensities to choose from
Small compact size allows for portability and easy storage

Each package includes:

1x Main body slimmer Machine
1x Massager attachment
1x Power adapter
1x User manual

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AB Twister Machine in Pakistan. Call 03009533102

AB Twister Machine in Pakistan.

AB Rocket Twister:
Launch Yourself into Amazing Abs with the Ab Rocket twister!
Strengthen your core by rocking back and forth for easier
crunches, reverse crunches, oblique exercises and more. 
The innovative seat design gives you an option to twist and
turn your lower body to maximize your work-out.  Three levels
of Resistance Springs offer you a perfect amount of resistance
for any fitness level.  Cushions support and massage whil
you exercise - no more neck and back pain.  The Ab Rocket
twister system comes with a variety of ab exercise programs,
along with the meal plan that will help you shed pounds and inches.

Cushions roll while you rock
Supports neck and back
Massages while working out

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Forever Free Hair Removal in Pakistan. Call 03009533102

Forever Free Hair Removal in Pakistan.

Forever Free Hair Removal in Pakistan dual-function total body trimmer uses
a triple-blade system to follow the curves of your body and safely and efficiently remove unwanted hair.
A special attachment makes it easy to shave more sensitive spots like the
bikini area and underarms. From Ultimate Shaving Solution.
Firever Free Hair Removal machine is a best product for all kind hair removing.
Forever Free is a largest selling brand all over the world for hair removing.


Includes trimmer, bikini trimming and styling attachment, cleaning brush

Dual shaving functions: one for legs and one for sensitive areas

Ultra-thin flexing foil for underarms and legs

Triple blade system


Plastic construction

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Aire Bra in Pakistan. Call 03009533102

Aire Bra in Pakistan.

Slim 'N Lift® Aire™ Bra has specially been designed and styled for women
living a 21st century lifestyle. Bras haven't changed much for over 50 years,
but women and our way of life are dramatically different! No longer just in the
kitchen, we are business leaders, astronauts, soldiers, coaches, movers,
shakers and magnificent moms. 80% of women today wear the wrong size bra!
But now there is something for everyone, no matter what your size or shape.
Say goodbye to hooks, clips, straps and padding with the all new Slim 'N Lift® Aire™ Bra!
The light as air bra that shapes, supports and styles for the most flattering figure ever!
Slim 'N Lift® Aire™ is specially styled by the Slim 'N Lift® designers.
Perfect for all shapes, sizes, ages and activities. And Slim 'N Lift® Aire™ Bra is
the bra that targets all the trouble areas we women want to fix:
Aire Bra Size
Regular Bra Size (inches)
Regular Bra Size
28 - 34
71- 86
35 - 38
 87- 97
39 - 40
98 - 102
X- Large
41 - 42
103 - 107
XX- Large
43 - 44
108 - 112

• 1: Spilling out of cups that are too small
• 2: Bulging under the arms
• 3: Embarrassing back fat
• 4: Wires that pinch
• 5: Straps that fall down
• 6: Hooks and clips that dig in
• 7: Uncomfortable bra inserts and padding, and
• 8: Not enough support. Slim 'N Lift® Aire™ Bra solves all of these problems
and more! So you can always lookand feel your very best.
Slim 'N Lift® Aire™ is the ultimate bra! What are you waiting for!
Get rid of the ordinary and try the extraordinary! Place your order now to get
your Slim 'N Lift® Aire™, you'll be thankful you did!
Aire Bra is made of 93% Nylon and 7% Elastane, and the luxurious AIRE knit fabric
breathes easily and it repels moisture, so you stay cool and feel fresh. Aire Bra's
forever fit technology is woven right into the Slim 'N Lift® Aire™ Bra using special
thousand needle Santoni machines

Cash on Delivery Available Anywhere in Pakistan.
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MetaSlim in Pakistan. Call 03009533102

MetaSlim in Pakistan.

Metaslim is purely a herbal fat loss & slimming formula.
The Metaslim Slimming Powder when consumed with the
lukewarm water melts & wash away the accumulated fat
from the body & whereas the Metaslim Slimming Oil when
applied to the excessive fat prone area enter into the
body through the tissues & start melting the deposited fat.

How does MetaSlim work?

MetaSlim work in three ways:
1. Regular use of MetaSlim breaks down and melts the fat
accumulated in your body rapidly.
2. MetaSlim will suppress the untimely and extra appetite
and will regulate the digestive system, turning food into
energy and not into fat.
3. With the special components used in it, the body looses
the tendency to make fat and will result in
controlling obesity problem.

Cash on Delivery Available Anywhere in Pakistan.
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No Addiction Powder in Pakistan. Call 03009533102

NO Addiction Powder.

No Addiction Powder of Divyarishi Sansthan is an effective
Ayurvedic Medicine to get rid of any kind of drug Addiction.

Drinking alcohol especially along with smoking and other
addiction sustenance increases the risk of cancers of the
mouth, esophagus, pharynx, larynx, liver in men and of breast
cancer in women according to the National Cancer Institute.

Addiction can be treated as a form of mental disorder where
patients suffer from much of tamas (Inertia of mind) rajas or mental disturbances.

Addiction plays a role to calm down the mind in an artificial way.

Vata (air properties of human body) likes smoke to calm down
anxiety and give distraction from worry. Pitta(fire properties
in human body) loves addition of fire properties into human and
make it feel more powerful. Kapha(Water properties of human body)
likes the stimulating power of tobacco.

No Addiction Herbal Powder is a Mixture of 17 precious Ayurvedic
herbs. It contains Kudzu (Vidarikand) which is used worldwide for
alcoholism and widely researched for its benefits. It has been
established overtime as remedy to cure addiction from alcohol,
cigarette, tobacco with results and no side effect. It is a 100%
herbal product which has no side effect. It helps in curing addiction
to any health condition of the person. This powder can be taken over
long periods of time providing only healthy benefits.

Benefits of No Addiction Herbal Powder :

1. 100% herbal and No side effect.
2. Healthy, safe and effective for person having smoking, drinking, alcohol and other
3. Easy to use.
4. Need not follow any special prescription for using this medicine.

Herbs :
Contain of 17 effective herbs.

Gulbanafsha, Nishoth, Vidarikand, Giloe, Nagkesar, Kutki, Kalmegh,
Bhringraj, Kasni, Barhmi, Bhuiamla, Amla,  Harar  kali, Laung,  Arjun, Neem, Punarna.

Cash on Delivery Available Anywhere in Pakistan.
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Salad Chef in Pakistan. Call 03009533102

The Salad Chef is a convenient all-in-one tool that helps cooks efficiently
prep salads with a single bowl and handful of attachments. A salad-spinner
attachment rinses and dries lettuce before a sturdy chopping lid with an
attached blade dices toppings right into the bowl. Both the medium and
large slicing blades are powerful enough to cut through everything from
potatoes to tension, and the removable grater slips into place to julienne
carrots and shred cheeses. Once the salad's prepped, a stay-fresh lid snaps
into place, allowing you to shake the greens to distribute dressing or slip
them directly into a fridge or manatee pond.


    All-in-one salad prep bowl with attachable tools
    Sturdy slicing lid with jumbo 1-inch and medium half-inch blades
    Slice, dice, cube, chop, and julienne vegetables, meats, and fruits
    Stainless-steel grater shreds cheeses and questionable tax documents
    Bright-green lid clips on for easy storage or transportation
    Two bonus bowls
    Recipe book of five-minute meals
    Self-cleaning lids expel food scraps
    Dishwasher safe.

Cash on Delivery Available Anywhere in Pakistan.
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Sandhi Sudha Plus in Pakistan. Call 03009533102


The miracle of Sandhi Sudha Plus is experienced by millions of people.
Unfortunately there are still many people who are suffering with joint
pains & for their medication they are dependent on pain killers.
Knee pain which is an obstacle to walk and run,
& perform the regular work easily, back pain which leads to sleepless nights,
neck pain, frozen shoulder & other joint pain which were almost incurable.
But with the magic of Sandhi Sudha Plus everyone has overcome it.
Sandhi Sudha Plus has become more effective & powerful with the
addition of few more rare herbs & it is now Sandhi Sudha Plus.

Cash on Delivery Available Anywhere in Pakistan.
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Tummy Fit Oil in Pakistan. Call 03009533102

Tummy Fit Oil

A combination of 100% Natural Herbs in extract from to obtain Consistency and potency.
Tummy fit promotes “thernogenic action” In body by increasing metabolic activity.

Health Benefits:
Tones tummy, thight, waist, and hips
Reduce conversion of protein and carbohydrates to fats
Promotes breakdown of cholesterol and fat deposits
Helps eliminate toxins in body
Helps suppress appetite
Promotes body metabolism to burn excess calories

Usage: Massage 5 minutes in morning and 5 mints in Evening

Cash on Delivery Available Anywhere in Pakistan
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Ultra Wizzit in Pakistan. Call 03009533102

 Ultra Wizzit

With the revolutionary new “Ultra Wizzit”, it's quicker, easier, and gentler
than ever to remove unwanted hair from face, legs and sensitive bikini areas.
Simply “Ultra Wizzit” over the area. “Ultra Wizzit” attracts hair like a magnet,
working 50 TIMES faster than tweezers to pull every single hair from the root.
Your skin will stay ultra-smooth and clear with no re-growth for weeks! “Ultra
Wizzit” is Ideal for upper lip, eyebrows, chin, legs and more. Light compact design,
great for travel.

Cash on Delivery Available Anywhere in Pakistan.
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X5 Steam Cleaner in Pakistan. Call 03009533102

Designed to thoroughly clean and help sanitize all the surfaces in
your home without harsh chemicals. In seconds the powerful H2O X5™
steamer converts ordinary water into super heated. Whether it’s the bathroom or kitchen, nursery or backyard grill - now you can GREEN CLEAN with Variable Steam settings that make the H20 X5™ steamer perfect for virtually any cleaning job
    Floor Mop - The H20 X5™ steamer is a super maneuverable and light floor mop. The super hot lab tested steam loosens the dirt and grime while the microfiber lifts and locks it in. Steam set high for laminate and marble. Steam set low for a streak free shine on sealed wood floors. Steam set in between for tile, grout, ceramic and more!
    Carpet Cleaner - The H20 X5™ carpet glider lets you easily remove
stains plus it helps refresh and deodorize your rugs. Refresh your
carpets anytime since you’ll never have to rent a carpet cleaner again.
    Hand-Held Steamer – The H2O X5™steamer transforms into the perfect
hand-held steamer by clicking two simple buttons. It comes with the Jet Nozzle,
Nylon Brush and Wire Brush. Now you have germ busting GREEN CLEANING steam in
the palm of your hand. Remove the stink from your sink, blast off caked on
gunk even in tight spaces, steam away bathroom messes you never want to touch.
    Window, Mirror and Glass Cleaner – Attach the 30 inch extension hose
to the H2O X5™ steamer to clean windows, glass and mirrors without leaving annoying
streaks and smears. There’s even a dusting wand attachment that eliminates dust
nightmares on blinds, banisters and furniture.
    Garment Steamer – No more ironing, the H20 X5 steamer with the included
garment bonnet is a great time saver. Chemical free steam relaxes the fabric so
wrinkles simply disappear. It also helps remove stains and body odors.
• H20 X5™ steamer - Variable Steam, Filter-Free Design, Light Weight – Less than 5 lbs.
• Carpet Glider – Pyramid Shaped, Easy Attach Design
• Extension Hose – Reinforced 32 Inch, Built-in Hand Grip
• Jet™ Nozzle – Easy Attach Design, Threaded Aluminum Spout
• Nylon Brush Head – Threaded Screw-On Design
• Wire Brush Head – Threaded Screw-On Design
• Window, Mirror and Glass Attachment – Built-in Squeege,
• Duster Attachment – 360 Degree Vented Release, Easy Attach Design
• Micro Fiber Pad – Machine Washable, Hands-Free Attach Design
• Glass Coral™ Cloth – Machine Washable, Draw String Attach
• Dusting Coral Cloth - Machine Washable, Draw String Attach
• Garment Bonnet - Machine Washable, Easy Attach Design
Versatile and Chemical Free - The H20 X5™ steamer is ideal for cleaning virtually any surface
in your home. The entire H20 X5™ 5-in-1 system comes complete with 11 bonus accessories. It
also features a filter-free design so you don’t have to buy expensive replacement filters.

Cash on Delivery Available Anywhere in Pakistan.
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